Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by this site. May I briefly explain what the purpose of this blog is. If you or your partner speak a language other than English fluently (and this includes Irish as well!), please read on.

My mission is to support parents in bringing up their children with more than one language. I’m German myself and have lived in Ireland since 1999. My two children were born here and are growing up speaking English and German. I have seen the early benefits of speaking two languages in my daughter, who is the older one at five years of age, and hope to be able to give them both all the advantages that bilingualism offers. I speak seven languages myself to various degrees and I could fill pages listing the benefits this has given me so far. Languages are a great but underestimated skill to pass on to your children with advantages far greater than just the extended ability to communicate.

Through this site I will give you information on the advantages of multilingualism as well as information on language acquisition to help you understand how your children pick up language(s); I will deal with common misconceptions about acquiring multiple languages and give you advice on how to help your children learn your, your partner’s or other carer’s language. I am hoping to encourage you to keep speaking your language with your children all the time, as this is the best and in my view the only way to make sure they learn to speak it themselves.

Every so often, I will add little exercises that you might try out. They are exercises that I created for my daughter, who is five years old, so they will all be around the same degree of difficulty, and they will be in German, but some of them can be easily adapted to suit your language. Others may not, I’m afraid, but they might inspire you to create your own in your language.

I hope that this site will be of help to you and look forward to receiving your comments on it as I aim to improve it all the time.

Enjoy the reading and keep practising.

Best regards,

Regina Quinn