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Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, and thanks for being so patient with me. I am finally coming to this topic after all that time. It took me a little while myself to come to terms with how I feel about speaking German with my children when we were in English-speaking company. It […]

I stopped speaking my mother tongue to my children when they started answering me back in English. I would feel really silly speaking my mother tongue to them now. How can I do it? I can empathise with that. I felt quite silly, too, speaking German to my children when they were too small to […]

I am so used to speaking English with everyone that I would find it hard to switch to my mother tongue when speaking to my children. This is probably a common problem among people living outside their home country. The longer you live there, the more you get used to speaking the country’s (most common) […]

If you read my previous post, you may or may not have decided to speak your own mother tongue to your child exclusively. No longer mixing languages should mean no longer speaking English to your child. Maybe you haven’t yet made the decision because you are worried about how your child’s English is going to […]

Will my child get confused if I speak a different language to him than other people? That will depend on how consistent you are speaking the one language to your child. Confusion is likely to occur if people start mixing languages, for example mom or dad addresses the child in one language now and in […]

If you randomly stop people in the street and ask them whether they would raise their children with two languages if their partner’s language was different from their own, most of them would probably say yes. And some of them quite vehemently. But when the time comes, it suddenly seems a lot more difficult than […]